Currently minting on the Rinkeby Testnet


A version of you. For the metaverse.


MetaVersions are 3D NFTs that are algorithmically generated on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Metaversion's attributes are derived from a unique hash of your wallet's address -- allowing for millions of different combinations.

In addition to exclusive access to the Metaversion community, Metaversion owners will be able to purchase limited edition accessories and customize their Metaversions even further. Some accessories will only be purchasable by the holders of certain MetaVersion IDs -- adding to the overall collectability.

Currently there will only be 3333 Metaversions available for mint. In a future release, users will have the abilility to "fuse" their MetaVersions and accessories -- creating a new NFT while burning the originals. This will provide even more beautiful combinations for the MetaVersion ecosystem.

Road Map

Date TBD

Initial release. First 100 MetaVersions sold at a presale price of 0.005 ETH

100 MetaVersions Minted

Presale pricing ends. MetaVersions sold at the normal price of 0.01 ETH

250 MetaVersions Minted

Accessory store open

500 MetaVersions Minted

Collaborations with NFT artists to drop exclusive accessories

1000 MetaVersions Minted

Community-driven accessory drops. Community decides accessories they want to drop based on voting system

3333 MetaVersions Minted

2 ETH donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for cancer research. Special celebration and events for MetaVersion holders.

Date TBD

Ability to fuse MetaVersions with accessories, creating a new token, burning the old

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